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About the SCAU Library

      The South China Agricultural University (SCAU) Library was established in 1953 which was combined by parts of the Sun Yat-sen University Library, the Ling Nan University agriculture college library and Guangxi University agriculture college library.

      By the development in recent years, the SCAU Library have developed into 4 branches including the main building, the east branch, the yuejin branch, and the college libraries. By the end of 2008, the library has a total floor area of 36,700 square meters including 32,000 square meters in the main library; 808 square meters in the east branch library; 894 square meters in the Yuejin branch; 3,000 square meters in the college libraries.

      The number of the library collections has also been tremendous development. The total collections have been over 4.692 million items/volumes, including 2.0224 million paper-based resources, 2.6698 million electronic resources, 53 domestic and foreign databases. Those collections cover agriculture, engineering, liberal arts, basic sciences, economics, management, law, education, history, philosophy and other subjects.

      There are 13 reading rooms in the library which provide not only reading and circulation service but also copy and computer retrieval. Besides that, the library has more than 2100 reading seats and 260 computer seats. There are 87 computers providing computer retrieval service for the public and 21 PC servers providing 16TB storage capacity. There are 2873 wifi ports in the library which provide “free of charge” wifi internet access.

      The library equipped with 3M security detection system, multimedia training room, electronic reading room, self-service copy machines and other modern facilities. Besides the traditional services such as circulation and information consulting, the library also provides information query, retrieval and Internet retrieval, online reference services, inter library loan and document delivery, library education and training, novelty search, document request, SCI,EI,CSSCI citation certification, selective dissemination of document retrieval etc.

      Except the winter and summer holidays, the library opens from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 10 pm, Sunday from 8 am to 12 pm which add up to 85 hours per week. Besides that, the library also provides 24 hours network services through the whole year.