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ACS Publications stands alongside Chemical Abstracts Services in supporting the American Chemical Society's goal to be the most authoritative, comprehensive, and indispensable provider of chemistry-related information, in keeping with the ACS's Vision ofImproving People's Lives Through the Transforming Power of Chemistry.

ACS Publications Division Vision Statement:

ACS will be the world's most trusted source of the comprehensive knowledge needed to cultivate the chemists of tomorrow.

Through our unique combination of indispensable information with innovative services, creative collaboration, and transformative technology, we will inspire the growth and foster the engagement of loyal interdisciplinary communities of chemists and allied professionals toward solving global scientific challenges.

ACS Publications Mission Statement:

The Publications Division of the ACS shall provide to its members and the worldwide scientific community a comprehensive collection, in any medium, of high-quality information products and services that advance the practice of the chemical and related sciences and shall generate, in the aggregate, an annual net contribution from operations to support the Society's overall mission of advancing the broader chemistry enterprise and its practitioners for the benefit of Earth and its people.